Carter Pull Rod Lengths
(as measured from farthest end of the threaded end to hook)

These pedal rod lengths are for all Carter D-10 and S-10, Pro Models with the pedals starting in the standard position. They will also work for 12-String models on which the first pedal rod is 6" from the KeyHead (left-hand) end plate.

If the first pedal rod on your 12-string is 5" from the KeyHead (left-hand) end plate, add 1 inch to the measurements shown below. You must put "all pull rods +1" for S-12" in the comments section of the orderform or you will be sent the wrong parts.

DO NOT try to open the hook to make it easier to put on the pull pin or it will break and you will need to purchase a replacement.

NOTE:   Carter parts are sold only to Carter owners. When ordering parts, a serial number and contact information is required; and we may request proof of ownership, as well.

Please measure and order carefully. Once your order has been placed, we cannot make changes or give refunds or exchanges.

LKL 18 5/8"
LKV 13 7/8"
LKR 20 7/8"
P1 27 1/8"
(with gear down)
string 3 - 24 3/4"
string 6 - 23 3/8"
P3 22 3/8"
P4 20"
P5 17 5/8"
P6 14 1/4"
P7 12 7/8"
P8 10 1/2"
RKL 4 7/8"
RKR 6 5/8"
P0 29 1/2"
P9 (or P10) 8 1/8"