Oooooops. You broke it!


Just kidding. This is, not United Airlines. Anyway, here are some reasons why you might be viewing this page:

The Carter Steel Guitars site is gone

The company is no longer in business. But you can still find some Carter technical support information on this site. Go here for more info.

We moved the other stuff around

You might have followed an old link or bookmark. All of the old non-Carter content from the and sites has been preserved and is available here, but it's been organized into more logical categories. Use the dropdown navigation menus on the main page of to locate the subject you're looking for.

We screwed up

Okay, it doesn't happen often but we've occasionally messed up a link or two and maybe the one you clicked on was one of those extremely rare instances. Either that or the toroidal diffusion arm became decoupled from the turbo encabulator. It could happen.