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Carter Steel Guitars (World Class Steels, Inc.) is no longer in active production of new Carter, Magnum, or Carter-Starter pedal steel guitars. Upon the death of company founder John Fabian in 2010, the company ceased production of new models and closed the factory location in Mesquite, Texas.

Obtaining Parts, service, New guitars

A limited number of new pro-model guitars and parts are available from Al Brisco at Steel Guitars of Canada. For more information, or to inquire about service, contact:

Al Brisco
Steel Guitars of Canada
Email us

Info: 905.355.3056
Sales (toll free): 877.673.6394 (orders only)
Fax: 905.355.2811

566 Dudley Rd., RR#5
Colborne ON
K0K 1S0

What happened to all the old Carter info on steelguitar.com?

You can access the Carter-specific general information contained on the old steelguitar.com site by using the Carter menu at the top of this page. This section contains links to a parts order form, serial number information, customer support videos, and volume pedal repair.

Business proposals

For business bids/proposals (which you think will be of genuine interest to Ann Fabian), please send emails only to: Ann Fabian