Useful Links

Other sources of steel guitar information

Here are a few links to other sites that will provide you with extensive information on just about any facet of pedal steel guitar you can imagine.

Steel Guitar Forum

Probably the most complete source of steel guitar information on the 'net. Run by Bobby Lee, the Steel Guitar Forum has over 10,000 members and adds more every day. It is visited by steelers of every experience level, from true beginner to working professional. The site contains lively message boards, free instructional material, and classified listings of guitars, amps, and accessories. You should note that the site supports both pedal and non-pedal steel guitarists. Reading the site content is free; there is a nominal fee to become a member and contribute your own posts.

Brad's Page of Steel

Run by Brad Bechtel, this site is dedicated to acoustic and electric lap steel guitars. There is also related information about Weissenborn and resonator guitars.

Other links (by category)

The following links are graciously provided by Bobby Lee, and will open a new window containing content from his personal web site.