Pedal Kit Installation Instructions

  • Put the back apron on the steel and insert the cross-shafts into their proper holes, 1 at a time.
    IMPORTANT: do this in order, starting at one end or the other.
  • Reposition the steel on its front apron so that it is standing up on the towel with the logo facing down and the top facing you.
  • Reattach the back apron to the endplates with the 4 flathead machine screws.
  • Reposition the steel on the towel with the bottom (cross-shafts) facing up.
  • Reattach the back apron to the back deck of the body with the 5 panhead screws.
  • Make sure the cross-shafts turn freely. Use a hammer and flat blade screw driver, placed at the inside aluminum surface of the back apron, behind the panhead screw, to align the back apron evenly across the back edge of the guitar. This does not need a lot of force! If the back apron bows out, place a small block of wood against the formica surface of the back apron where it is bowed and tap it back into place with a hammer. If the shaft does not turn freely, use the hammer on each end of the cross-shaft, while turning it, until it moves freely. It is recommended to start gently, then, if necessary, gradually add more force. That is, usually, light to medium taps on different surfaces of the cross-shafts will handle this problem. Do not be too timid if more force is required.
  • Re-tune the guitar slightly sharp (about tone).

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