Carter Pedal Kit Installation Instructions

I. INTRODUCTION and Slide Show Index:

Please remember to:

(1) Have the following tools and items available:

(2) Refer to the drawings in your Carter Owner's Manual and to the Factory Rodding Chart

Table of Contents

  1. Preparing the Steel
  2. Removing the Back Rail
  3. Removing the Back Rail (continued)
  4. Removing the Back Rail (continued)
  5. Adding the Cross Shaft
  6. Reattaching the Back Rail
  7. Attaching the Pull Bars
  8. Adding the Pull Pins
  9. Adding the Pull Rods
  10. Adjusting the Tuning Nuts
  11. Removing the Pedals
  12. Adding the New Pedal
  13. Reassembling the Pedal Bar
  14. Reassembling the Pedal Bar (continued)
  15. Reassembling the Pedal Bar (continued)
  16. Adjusting the Pedals


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